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YOURS™ Reina (Coming Soon)

When in Mandrem, it is easy to see why Goa is a coastal state. The white sands and clear beaches of Mandrem are now your new home. With YOURS™ Reina, we offer you a seamless blend of luxury and culture.






Shares available

₹2.25 Crore

Price per share

YOURS™, to own and to experience

Co-ownership allows you to own multiple homes in different destinations, at the cost of a single home.

The flexibility to sell your share directly to other buyers, or on the YOURS™ marketplace, whenever you wish to.

Understand co-ownership better

The YOURS™ handbook has answers to every single question that future homeowners like you have asked us so far. Download a copy now to explore the concept of co-ownership, and to help answer any questions you might have.

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