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We make owning a second home easy



Think of any of the best locations to own a second home in, and we have something curated and managed just for you.



Pick from our list of stunning homes at your favorite destination, and become a co-owner of your dream second home.



Enjoy a luxury vacation at your home for up to forty-five days a year, for every share owned from the eight that a YOURS™ property is divided into.

Here’s how you can co-own a YOURS™ home

From legal aspects to the actual maintenance, we look after everything for you

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Goa | Fractional ownership

YOURS™ Reina (Coming Soon)

When in Mandrem, it is easy to see why Goa is a coastal state. The white sands and clear beaches of Mandrem are now your new home. With YOURS™ Reina, we offer you a seamless blend of luxury and culture.






Shares available

₹2.25 Crore

Price per share

Not a time-share, but so much more

When you buy a home with YOURS™, you invest in a growing asset. Here's how YOURS™ is different from investing in a Timeshare, and from Standard Ownership.

Parameters YOURS™ Homes Timeshare Standard Ownership
Ownership Yes, fractional ownership based on number of shares No ownership Fully owned
Investment Lower investment, freedom to invest in multiple options Not an investment, one-time payout High investment, limits flexibility to diversify
Resale Market pricing, sell on your terms Sell dates to resort at a set price Market pricing, sell on your terms
Property Type Villas, bungalows, and estates Room(s) within a property Single-owner home
Access Ongoing and equitable access Fixed time No restrictions
Property Maintenance Hassle-free, and high standards maintained by YOURS™ Commercial Hotel Maintenance Owner’s responsibility
Usage Limited number of users Multiple users Single user


Here’s what YOURS™ homeowners and partners have to say about the homes, and what we do

Govind Vasanadu
Director, Lotus Roofings Limited
We instantly fell in love with Yours Fonteira, Assagao. The location, spaces inside, and the greenery worked in perfect symphony. The YOURS team was extremely helpful and professional throughout the process.
Yash Munot
CEO, Varsha Forgings Private Limited
Buying a YOURS second home was a smooth and seamless experience. The team was very approachable and answered all of the questions we had. They made us feel at home before even purchasing the home.
Radhika J
When on vacation I like to enjoy the privacy of my home, but without the work and logistics that it involves. YOURS makes this possible where I get to enjoy my home with every comfort curated specially for me without the noise of a busy hotel.
KP Balaraj
Founder, KPB Trust Bangalore
We didn't want a 365 home. What we wanted is a large, really nice home in a location that allows us to lure friends and family to gather. YOURS offered exactly that.


Absolutely! As a shareholder of the SPV that owns the YOURS™ home, you have shared ownership of the entire asset.

We have a highly democratic process for using a co-owned home. Each home is divided into eight fractions, and the owner of a fraction gains access to 45 days of home-usage. Holiday periods are offered to each homeowner on a rotating basis. Our proprietary app will help you schedule your stays.

When a co-owner is ready to sell their share, we offer it up to the other co-owners first, should they wish to purchase the share. If the listing you see is not yet owned by anyone, we would be happy to sell the home to you in its entirety.

When a co-owner is ready to sell their share, we offer it up to the other co-owners first, should they wish to purchase the share. Please note that in the interest of fair use, the maximum number of shares you can purchase in a co-owned home is restricted to four.

Each YOURS™ property is owned by a special purpose vehicle, and this SPV can be owned by up to eight co-owners. Each share allows you to use the property for an eighth of the time, or 45 days in a year. You have the flexibility to manage your stay using our proprietary mobile app.

The YOURS™ mobile app allows you to book your property during available dates, right from your smartphone.

Yes, as long as shares are available for the home you have in mind, please reach out to us with details about the other people you wish to co-own the home with. On the individual property pages, you will be able to see how many shares of a property are available at any given time.

YOURS™ has an expert team that will fully manage the home to exacting standards. All costs and fees are passed on to the owners with full transparency and are shared pro-rata.

Home operating costs such as property management, maintenance, repairs, etc. are passed on directly to shareholders. Costs are shared pro-rata.

YOURS™ is not a timeshare. You will be co-owning an actual asset that has the potential to appreciate over time.

Our process for booking a stay is completely managed through the app, and this helps us ensure complete transparency.

Each YOURS™ property is owned by a special purpose vehicle, and this SPV can be owned by up to eight co-owners. You can own up to fours shares in a property of your choice or a share in multiple properties.

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