May 11, 2022 3 min

Co-owning a Luxury Villa in Goa made Easy

BY Surbhi Dedhia

Wondering how? Read on to know the latest trends in diversifying property investments and owning luxury villas in India.


Investing in a second home is not limited to those who are wealthy. It is now accessible for many in India. In fact, ever since the pandemic there is an upward trend to invest in a second home in order to spend quality time with the loved ones. 

Purchasing a property as a single buyer involves upfront costs, long-term investment, mortgage, maintenance of the property when not in use and is restricted to a single location. This makes it a less desired investment option. With the common belief that the second homes are only for a few, many underestimate the opportunity that exists in the alternative property investment. That is, by investing in a co-owned asset.

YOURS takes away the usual hassles of property investment and makes owning a luxurious property of choice through co-owning or fractional ownership a breeze. So, what is fractional ownership?

Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership of a real estate property is an investment model where each property is owned by a special purpose vehicle and that vehicle can be owned by up to eight co-owners. In this model, each owner becomes a fractional owner of the property.

For example; a luxury property may be around 15-crores and that may be beyond your budget, but something around 1 or 1.5 crore might be completely within your reach. In this instance, through fractional ownership you can invest in the home you desire in the best area at the price point you can manage.

With fractional ownership cost of maintenance is shared and the management company takes care when it comes to day-to-day management of the property. So, unlike the self-owned property where maintaining the property, security and upkeep is on one single owner, in fractional ownership the costs are shared and the daily upkeep is through a management company. This makes fractional ownership a much more realistic possibility.

When it comes to investments, real estate is often considered the one with the potential of higher appreciation possibilities. With fractional ownership as an alternative, investors looking to work their money better can dramatically reduce the risks associated with property development, management, and security.

There is an increase in demand for fractional ownership and it is expected to grow as more and more MNCs move their bases to India. Simply put, this is a modern way of investing in real estate and owning assets that may otherwise be out of reach.

From the list of holiday destinations, Goa certainly ranks higher not only for Indians but also for tourists all over the world. Goa has a lot to offer to tourists with its coconut-lined picturesque beaches and laid-back feel. Travelers and corporates alike look for property in Goa on a long-term basis. There is an upward trend in property appreciation rate in Goa, while maintenance rates are lower as compared to other prime cities in India. Goa’s recent start-up policy is also attracting young and neo-rich who are looking for long term stays.

Goa’s proximity to larger metros like Mumbai and Bengaluru also allows a large population to access this idyllic getaway and this confirms the demand for all sorts of holiday accommodation options. All these factors make Goa an ideal spot for property investment.

There are a variety of property types in Goa. With YOURS, the segment of luxury villas in Goa is now more accessible for those looking for a lifestyle and return on investment both. Our listings for luxury villas for sale in Goa will give you a better idea of the villas available.

Fractional ownership should not be confused with Time share and Vacation clubs. They are all different types of investments with various levels of returns. We will get to that in a future blog post but for now we invite you to discover available opportunities with YOURS, the smart way to own your luxury second home.

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