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Vacation, But Make It Productive: Tips for Making Your Second Home An Efficient Workspace


The age of remote work is here to stay. The holy grail of modern-day employment has become the new normal, with the lines between our professional and personal lives becoming increasingly blurry. And this rise has opened up a world of possibilities for people seeking greater flexibility and work-life balance.

 One of the most exciting developments in this realm is the concept of ‘workcation’, a refreshing take on traditional travel and holiday that allows people to maintain all their work responsibilities while indulging in well-deserved leisure time. Nothing works better than a change of scene to help with productivity. The perfect opportunity to amp up personal efficiency comes gift-wrapped in the form of workcations.

It’s the usual day. You’re typing away on your laptop, but instead of bright fluorescent lights and the eerie hum of air conditioners, you can be surrounded by fresh mountain air or the gentle lull of beach waves. All deadlines will be met, emails will be answered, and you get to revel in the best of both worlds, all while keeping your hard-earned vacation days intact. 

So how do you keep up with maintaining productivity in this new setting? 

In this blog, we dive deep into tips that will keep you on track and turn your second home into a productive workspace.

1. Set a Strict Routine 

Adjusting to a different environment can be challenging, especially if you are used to functioning in particular settings. To tackle this, establish a routine that you’re familiar with to help you find your footing back. It’s crucial to set some ground rules. Drawing out a schedule that works for you and ardently sticking to it helps maintain a sense of decorum. 

Setting achievable deadlines will also help to keep you motivated throughout the day. While planning ahead may seem daunting, managing your workload can be accomplished by creating a schedule that incorporates regular breaks. Giving yourself a few minutes for a break away from work can help recharge your batteries and give you the energy needed to tackle tasks with fresh perspectives.

And when it’s time to finally switch off, you really do switch off.

2. Set Up a Designated Workspace

Curating a home office not only provides structure but also helps you stay focused & organized. A great way to ensure productivity is to choose a room that is away from the hustle and bustle of the vacation home, yet close enough to access if needed. 

Adequate lighting and comfortable seating are essential for optimal productivity, so ensure that you have everything you need at arm’s reach. And don’t forget to keep your workspace well-ventilated, having open windows by your side. 

Finally, while designing your workspace, spice it up with beautiful decor, like houseplants, framed photos, and artwork. This may seem like a luxury but it really makes all the difference in influencing mood and inspiring creativity — think of it as investing in yourself!

3. Communicate Proactively with Co-workers

With distance comes an inherent lack of immediacy, making it especially important to constructively communicate with one’s colleagues. It’s important to proactively combat this lack of connection in order to ensure collaboration is as seamless as if you were all working in the same physical office.

Regular check-ins, informative updates, and warm dialogue with the team should be viewed not only as integral to any working day but as an absolute necessity in a virtual setting, ensuring the team is on the same page and that there are no misunderstandings or missed deadlines.

Exchanging thoughtful ideas and constructive feedback while working with colleagues will ultimately ensure an efficient workflow and expedite any problem-solving process.

4. Plan Your Free Time

With a plethora of distractions available at your fingertips in your new abode, it is all too easy to fall prey to them. Rather than succumbing to an erratic structure, establishing an efficient plan can give your days an enjoyable sense of order.

 Creating space for leisure, exercise, and socializing is essential in carving out mindful moments of reprieve from your work obligations.

It can also be helpful to schedule small rewards after tasks or accomplishments – a short coffee break, or an outdoor stroll amidst the shores – that give your days added moments of relaxation. 

Developing a plan of activities may also reduce the feeling of restlessness or stir-craziness and can help break up the monotony in an otherwise repetitive daily routine.

5. Assign Family Boundaries

Setting boundaries with your family while working from home may not be the most exciting aspect of the gig, but it is extremely essential for a healthy work-life balance. The last thing you want to be is bogged down with tempting distractions when you’re pressed for time.  

Especially when on vacation, it is only fitting to be spending quality time with your near & dear ones, but you should let them know when you’ll be working and abide by a set plan for when you’ll be free. 

Reserve your socializing until after you finish up for the day.

6. Implement Relaxation Rituals

Creating and implementing relaxation rituals can be the difference between achieving your full potential when working from home and struggling to make the best of your new environment. 

Don’t let productivity take a hit due to a lack of physical activities.  To keep up your morale and focus on work, establish a calming practice for yourself; this could mean an energizing walk on the nearby beach, or a gentle yoga session while enjoying the view of the misty hills. 

It all needn’t even be just physical- there’s always room for nourishment for the soul. This could be a private mindfulness practice such as journaling or painting, or really anything that allows you to shut off from the clamor and pressures of everyday work & just soothe in the bliss of self-awareness. 

Wrapped together, these activities can create an effortless equilibrium between productivity and creativity, infused with just a dash of serenity.

And if you’re looking for the ultimate workstation to truly live out this equilibrium, we invite you to YOURS Kensington, our stunning villa tucked amidst the coastal town of Alibaug –  a luxurious space to work from home that arrives with world-class amenities including high-speed internet and well-furnished spaces to house your mini office, and of course, a breathtaking vista of the Arabian Sea. Your deadlines may not know the difference, but your soul will relish in all the self-care.

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