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5 Best Luxury Experiences In Goa


The land of sun, sand, and the perfect luxury getaway beckons. Goa, a mosaic of surprises goes much beyond the stereotypical postcard-perfect images. 

Look beyond the breathtaking beaches and buzzing nightlife, and you’ll discover a hidden realm of pure indulgence just waiting to be explored.

Without further ado, here are some of the best luxury experiences that you absolutely must indulge in during your stay in Goa

Explore Nature’s Hidden Trails With Khojao

If you’re looking for a luxury experience in Goa that’s off the beaten track, Khojao is the perfect choice for you. 

First up is the Backyard Nature Trail. Unlike the arduous and exhaustive treks you may have previously taken, this half-day hike up a small hillock in North Goa will keep both your heart rate and excitement levels at a steady hum. You’ll get a chance to observe the natural world in its purest form, be it the chirping birds or the colorful butterflies flitting around. And if you’re lucky, you may even spot a few rare species of plants that co-exist in this region.

You can also sign up for the Day in the Forest trip, an immersive excursion that explores Goa’s vast hinterland. Take the whole day off, pack a day pack, wear sturdy hiking shoes, and be prepared for an adrenaline-packed adventure. You will be rewarded with the privilege of getting up close and personal with a diverse range of ecosystems that range from quaint Goan villages to dense forests.

A Journey Through Cazulo Distillery’s Heritage

This distillery is a magnificent masterpiece of design, showcasing an unparalleled combination of traditional techniques and modern-day sophistication. 

The experience is incomplete without a masterclass in feni appreciation from Hansel Vaz, the man behind the renowned brand. His passion for the spirit is evident as he shares his insights and stories. You’ll get a glimpse of how feni, a uniquely Goan spirit, is made – from the harvest of cashew apples to the fermentation process, and the intricate distillation that brings forth the magic elixir that Goans hold so dear.

Be a part of the coveted ‘Table In The Water’ experience, where you can relish sumptuous meals while seated at a table immersed in freshwater spring, surrounded by towering trees- a perfect way to unwind after a long day.

Knead, Rise, and Bake

For those looking to ignite their culinary spark from within, there is no greater treat than Sujit Sumitran’s workshops in Goa. Under the guidance of the renowned “bread whisperer” himself, you’ll embark on an eight-hour journey to master the art of sourdough baking.

From learning the intricacies of a natural yeast starter to experimenting with various flour types and flavors, the workshop is a feast for the senses. But it is the conversations, the camaraderie, and the shared passion that make this experience truly unforgettable. 

The workshops are designed to cater to all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced, with hands-on learning in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 

And what better way to conclude the experience than with a freshly baked loaf, a curated meal, and long-lasting memories?

Enter The Whisky Wonderland

Luxury experiences in Goa are a dime a dozen, but nothing quite compares to an exciting tour of the Paul John Distillery. 

From the impressive copper pot stills that shimmer in the light to the rows of oak barrels filled with aging whisky, you’ll be captivated by the meticulous attention to detail that goes into crafting each bottle of the premium spirit. It’s no wonder that the Paul John Distillery has become a mecca for whisky enthusiasts.

As you walk through the facility, you’ll witness the intricate process of selecting barley, milling, distillation, and aging, each step carefully explained by the friendly guides. 

You’ll get to see and touch the materials used in the process, including the prized oak barrels that infuse the whisky with their unique flavor.

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in a tradition that goes back centuries, and to appreciate the craftsmanship and passion that goes into making some of the finest whisky in the world.

Permaculture Paradise With Rosie And Peter

In a world that’s growing increasingly homogenous and carbon-copied, the idea of living in harmony with nature seems like a refreshing splash of vitality. Rosie Harding and Peter Fernandes are doing precisely that. These permaculture powerhouses are pushing the boundaries of what we believe is possible in sustainable farming.

But this is no isolated experiment – the Fernandeses are actively engaged in promoting a holistic food culture in Goa and beyond. They train farmers in regenerative practices, create market hubs that connect growers directly to consumers, and facilitate community gardens that empower people to grow their own food. 

The best part? You can be a part of it too. Rosie and Peter offer guided tours of their food forest, where you can learn about permaculture principles and pick your own produce.

Visit the duo to explore this system of farming that emphasizes working with, and not against, nature, prioritizing the welfare of everything and everyone involved.

So there you have it, folks! A taste of the ultimate luxury experiences that await you during your stay in Goa. 

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